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The Witcher 3 Week 6 Free DLCs “Skellige’s Most Wanted” quest and “Skellige Armor Set” download available this week

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The Witcher 3 is going to receive two more new DLCs. As promised by the developers, there will be constant new DLC after the game release. This two new DLC includes an Armor set and a new Quest. The name of DLC is “Skellige Most Wanted” which is a new quest and “Skellige Armor Set”. Both DLC’s are free. They are not yet provided for download. The time for the same is assumed at the end of this week. CD Projekt RED has planned to offer around 16 free DLCs in total for this game. And after releasing these two recent ones, in total 12 free DLCs can be counted in the availability list now. Only four more DLCs are pending which might add more to the Quest section. If you go with the Season Pass that costs around $24.99, you will get two game expansions that are Heart of Stone and Blood and Wine included in it. This was the two major releases recently.

The Witcher 3 Skellige’s Most Wanted and Skellige Armor Set image
The Witcher 3 Skellige’s Most Wanted and Skellige Armor Set image

The Witcher series is very well known game and the developers are constantly releasing new DLC for the same. This new DLC adds more new content for free. It is good to find that the game developer is quite concerned about the same. We are hoping to get some more interesting content in the pending DLC. With this, Witcher 3 might not have any kind of expansions in coming time. As there is nothing officially announced by the game developer. But for the DLC this would release after a regular time interval.