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The Witcher 3 “Contract: Missing Miners” and “Alternative Look for Yennefer” DLC download available now

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gets two new free DLC for the next-gen consoles and PC platform. They are “Contract: Missing Miners” and the second one is “Alternative Look for Yennefer”. Both are tiny DLCs that will give you some extra features in the game.


4For example if we talk about the Xbox version then “Alternative Look for Yennefer” is around 28.87MB in size. And it was officially released on 27th of May on Xbox store. This DLC will just give you a new look for Yennefer. She is a sorceress in the game who lives in the capital city of Aedirn. A glimpse of Yennefer, you can see in the image on the left side. Her skin is more improved by adding a few new things in the outfit making her look more gorgeous in the game. A clear sample can be found in the change of skin of the characters. But it does not put any kind of extra abilities in her. This DLC is just a brush up on this characters cosmetic part.

The second one Contract: Missing Miners is around 37.55MB in size. It is a new quest. It is also a very tiny level. The size clearly says it will be a kind of very short gameplay. Yet the gameplay information is not available. There must be some more things that can make this DLC a bit catchier for gamers. For example few more weapons or skills for Yennefer that can help gamers to play through more competitive levels.


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