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The Witcher 3 “Alternative Look For Ciri” free DLC download now available on PS4

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“Alternative Look For Ciri” free DLC was announced last week and finally the game developer has provided the free DLC on PS4. It is a kind of tiny download. The size of this free DLC is around 25MB only. And you can download it directly from the PlayStation store.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Alternative Look for Ciri Screenshot
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Alternative Look for Ciri Screenshot

The DLC offers a new look to the game character Ciri. Including in this new DLC, now there are in total three DLC that modifies the look of the game character in The Witcher 3. There was some quest also released recently. At a slow pace but constantly the game developer is offering free DLC to the game The Witcher 3. We had seen more than 13 DLC’s released in the past few months. But this was not the major one. Now it looks like the game developer must also work on major add-on content or a new Story line that will help the players to replay the game with a new mood. There were free DLC that also brings quest but they were very small in terms of gameplay hours.

Before the release of the game, the developer has announced that they will give a lot of free DLC to the game. In future we are expecting more new content here. Before Ciri, Triss was the one who got a new look and before the central game character got Nilfgaardian Armor Set. So here in terms of upgrade we think we are having ample of content that is very nice. When it comes to quest there were in total 4 free DLC’s provided for the Witcher 3.