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The Three Best Games To Improve Your Reaction Speeds

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While many may turn their nose up at gaming as something that is far from good for you and only has negative effects on people, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, with any form of entertainment, there are downsides. But there are also many health benefits, many of which can improve your cognitive skills. 

One of those benefits is reaction times. Many games can be great for improving reaction times, and in fact they come in a range of shapes and sizes too. If you’re looking to improve your reaction times with a bit of gaming, then why not consider these different types of games…


Bingo can be a fast-paced game and with that comes the need to be quick. A great game to test your reaction speeds both offline and online, you’ll find every bingo site wide has a variety of games to suit budgets and styles. No matter which of those games you play though, you need to be quick.

Numbers are drawn quickly and you need to mark them off your card or be in danger of potentially missing a number and missing out on a prize. Bingo requires concentration, speed of hand, and the ability to process and react quickly.


Like with real driving, you have to be alert constantly and that’s the same with racing games. Many racing games are so close to the real thing now, with some Formula 1 stars having even started life as gamers these days. 

While you can certainly improve your reaction times with a regular controller, you can take that to the next level with the full set-up including seat, wheel and pedals. What’s more, many games such as F1 2021 also replicate real-life tracks, so you could even then go and test your mettle in a track day and see how you compare.

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Brain Training

If you really want to take improving your reactionary times seriously then downloading a brain training app will certainly help. Apps such as Lumosity will not only help improve your reaction speeds but also various other elements of your brain from memory to concentration and more. 

They’re relatively cheap to download and you’ll be challenged to complete daily tasks which over time will improve your cognitive skills, which will be clear to see from the analysis in place through the app.