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The Technomancer Release Date & Gameplay Trailer Revealed


The Spiders studio will launch The Technomancer on June 21 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and today has offered a new gameplay trailer, presenting some skill trees, fighting styles and customizations.

The Technomancer Screenshot

The Technomancer is the current projects of the Bound by Flame developer Spiders. Insights into the action RPG now provides a new gameplay trailer. In just under seven minutes the French development studio goes on to show important features of the game such as the combat system.

To survive on the inhospitable Mars planet, players must master one or equal to all stances. In The Technomancer, you fight either with mace and shield, gun and sword or wand against all kinds of enemies. Each weapon has strengths and weaknesses. The bar is due to its scope, for example, ideally suited to rough up groups of enemies. Each fighting stance can individually improve the talent tree.

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The Spiders studio also thought of a crafting system in The Technomancer. En route, you can find components needed for the manufacture of equipment or improving existing utensils. The aforementioned gameplay trailer is also dedicated to the story and the various missions of The Technomancer that can be solved in several ways. It does not always offer the struggle. Also Crawl is a possible option. More than 40 hours should be enough to deal with the action RPG game.

The Technomancer is announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This year, the adventure on Mars begins.

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