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The Technomancer – Gamescom 2015 Trailer

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The Technomancer is a new RPG game that is going to release this year. In Gamescom 2015 a game trailer is out that gives a bit of glimpse about its storyline. The video is a trailer that does not show any kind of gameplay but just a storyline and few characters that would be part of the story. The game takes to a distant time in future on Mars. The game is based on a RPG type gameplay where people can make a group then go on a quest. You can also use a variety of combat styles based on skills and levels that you keep on clearing up. The Technomancer’s release date is not yet provided. It is going to release on PS3 and Xbox 360. The video reveals wasteland on Mars. There is a lot of conflict among different groups that you have to survive.

The Technomancer Pics
The Technomancer Pics

The gameplay story revolves around a central character Zachariah. He is on his quest to become the next Technomancer. The character is also having an ability through which he can bend electricity. The story looks very impressive. It will be lot better if there would be a gameplay trailer that can explain a lot about this game. What is interesting to check here is the futuristic technology that will help the player to make their way towards the final mission. The game is going to offer a variety of new weapons, accessories, and various other things. Checkout The Technomancer Gamescom Trailer below:

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