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The Talos Principle 2 development confirmed from Croteam

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One of the favorite, The Talos Principle benefits from a new episode, according to statements made by Croteam studio as part of a presentation conducted by publisher Nordic Games.

The Talos Principle

Released in 2014 on PC and Mac before landing later on PS4, The Talos Principle is a mixture of FPS and reflection, ensuring real puzzles. Particularly successful in terms of gameplay, the title of Croteam benefits from a new suite.

As a part of a recent presentation of the 2016 Nordic Games, Alen Ladavac (CTO of Croteam) confirmed that “The Talos Principle 2 is going to happen”. The information was tweeted by Damir Đurović and relayed on the Twitter account of Croteam, confirming the assertion.

Talos Principle was a puzzle game in first person from the metaphysical plot, proving a huge success from the players and fans of puzzles games. The first part of The Talos Principle hit the market back in 2014. The title was intended for the PC version, but it lived to see the launch on the PlayStation 4 and mobile devices (Android). The game involves unraveling over 100 puzzles, which are extremely varied.

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