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The Surge will launch on May 16, new CGI trailer released

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Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive have published today a new trailer for The Surge showing the intense combat system between man and machine. The video also reveals the release date of the game.

The Surge is the new action RPG developed by Deck 13 that we have talked about on several occasions. And today a new CGI trailer was presented for the game, showing an intense visceral combat between the man and the machine. After exploring Warren’s first day in the office in the previous trailer, we now see him fighting mechanical enemies deeper inside the CREO complex.

Megacorporation CREO works to reverse the devastating effects of climate change, but the facility is hit by a mysterious and catastrophic event. After waking from a blackout caused by this disaster, Warren is pushed into a new and deadly world. The robots went crazy, like their co-workers or the incredible artificial intelligence of the complex. Everybody wants him dead.

You will be immersed in a desperate struggle for survival, facing unpredictable enemies in furious and intense melee combat. Increase your power by being able to acquire the equipment from defeated enemies – aims to opponents arts and literally fouls the pieces and then equipping the parts of your enemies and use them as weapons against them!

The Surge will be released on May 16 and is now available for preorder for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. With the video published below you will get a better idea of ​​what the Surge proposes:

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