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The Surge May release date confirmed, CG Trailer revealed

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Focus Home Interactive has released a trailer for The Surge titled “Bad Day at Office” and focused on the CREO, a company that dominates the world of the new action RPG of the studio Deck13.

The Surge Artwork

The Surge, the sci-fi action-RPG being developed by Deck-13 and produced by Focus Home, is starring in a new CGI trailer, titled “Bad Day at Office.” The trailer also announces the launch window, which is set to May 2017.

The film thus highlights the main features of the game, which will take us into a world populated by robots and humans merged with powerful exoskeletons.

The trailer explores the background narrative to the base of the title, focusing in particular on the protagonist, Warren, and on his first day of work, which coincides with a catastrophic event in the offices of CREO, a huge corporation whose goal is to save Earth, a world in ruins.

The video also confirms the launch window, as The Surge is expected for the month of May on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, further details on the launch date will be disclosed in the coming weeks.

Focus Home Interactive will share new information in early February, during an event in Paris. The game is in development on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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