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The Solus Project Content Update available for download

For the PC version of The Solus Project, a first major content update is available for download on Steam. On Xbox One, it is expected on Friday to be released. The Solus Project Part 2 is designed to provide up to 3 to 5 hours of additional gameplay time. If you want, The Solus Project can now also be enjoyed as a pure exploration game.

Grip Games has released a first major update for The Solus Project on Steam. For the Xbox One version, the download will be available until Friday. In this second episode of The Solus Project, players can visit among others the island of Flashpoint and a huge cave system. In addition, there are “dozens” of new objects including a reminiscent of Half-Life crowbar. The total gameplay time to be offered with additional entertainment is provided upto three to five hours.

But not only the content is new: in parallel one was patch also released for The Solus Project. In addition to numerous bug fixes, it also brings new features. So it is also possible, for example, after installation to reduce the difficulty level to zero. The Survival Part then falls completely away and The Solus Project thus becomes a pure exploration game. The Solus Project is currently under Early Access stage. The final release is to take place in May 2016.

Key new features:

  1. 3-5 hours of additional gameplay filled with new features and discoveries.
  2. Be wary of the new lightning storms
  3. Discover the large island of Flashpoint and harness the power of the skies.
  4. Explore the largest cave system in the game and make your way through massive underground caverns, settlements, and machinery.
  5. Dozens of new items and secrets. From sleeping gear to crowbars

Also, check out the launch trailer of The Solus Project Part 2 below:

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