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The Sinking City: Epic Games Store Blocking Early Access To Those Who Booked the Game

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Over the last few months, more and more games have preferred to be published exclusively on Epic Games Store, rather than on Steam. The motivation is to be found in the higher earnings guaranteed by the digital store of the creators of Fortnite. Players, on average, do not appreciate these policies; but not everyone has decided to boycott the store, also driven by the possibility of getting some bonuses by booking the game. An example is The Sinking City, the new Lovecraft-inspired investigative game made by Frogwares.

In fact, by booking The Sinking City, it was possible to access the title two days in advance. Unfortunately, this is not happening. The developers apologized via social media channels, but it is clear that they were the first to be surprised by the incident. Frogwares has already contacted the distributor, Big Ben Interactive, and Epic Games to understand what is happening and to find a solution. It is undeniably a significant image loss for all parties involved.

It is likely that this is a technical problem that will be solved shortly by the Epic Games Store, but in any case, any correction will not make up for the time lost for the players. Obviously, the question is not only related to not being able to play The Sinking City right away and having to wait a few more hours, but to the fact that a paid content was not distributed in the correct way.

Epic Games Store must certainly pay the utmost attention, it is not a good time to add wood to the fire. At least, Sweeney’s company is trying to make the players happy by giving away a video game every week, the most recent being Rebel Galaxy.

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