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Rumor: The Order 1886 Sequel Could Be In Development

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Although it is a title that generated controversial opinions after its launch, The Order 1886 is considered as an IP with potential for new titles and for years it has been thought that a new title could be in development. Recently, a new rumor began to gain strength regarding a possible sequel to the game of Ready at Dawn, which originated in the statements of a creative, who clarified the meaning of his words.

This weekend the hype for a possible sequel to The Order 1886 rose when Jordan Mychal Lemos, a writer who currently works with Sucker Punch in Ghost of Tsushima and who participated in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, hinted at a podcast, that a new installment of the Ready at Dawn game was in development. Specifically, his words were: “Everyone should play The Order 1886, especially since — I guess they’re making a sequel, which I don’t know if it’s The Order 1887 or-.” At that moment, the podcast host asked Lemos if he knew anything about this and the creative just said it was what he had heard.

Obviously, these statements were taken as a rumor that gained a lot of strength, after all, the statements came from a creative linked to the development of important games. However, a few moments ago Jordan Mychal Lemos himself revealed through his official Twitter account that he knows nothing about a possible sequel to The Order 1886 and that his statements were misunderstood because all he did was refer to the idea of that the IP can serve for more titles.

Thus, it seems that there is nothing around a possible sequel to The Order 1886, so it can be considered that the IP remains under indefinite rest.

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