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The Order: 1886 could get a sequel

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In statements given to Game Informer, the creative director of The Order: 1886 reveals that he is confident that the game will lead to a saga with future titles.


The Order: 1886, exclusive to PlayStation 4 could have a marvelous journey as a franchise. The creative director of Ready at Dawn says the history of the game has plenty of potential to create a universe.

The title was created by Ready at Dawn and published by Sony as an exclusive game for the PlayStation 4 console and now Ru Weerasuriya explained that we may see the return of the universe of this game in the future, although he did not disclose specific plans. However, he does hint that the new issue has already been assessed.

When asked about the possible continuity of the brand of The Order: 1886, Weerasuriya explains that “The best way to answer this without revealing anything if there is no future without saying much more is, yes. It is an IP having a future. That future is something that was established from the outset, from the first day we started working on it.”

“Those who played the first game already know that there is a larger story. The Order: 1886 hides a bigger story than what we saw in the first installment. So the brand has potential, definitely.”

In any case, Weerasuriya also makes it clear that the question of whether Sony wants to continue the saga is something that should be answered by Sony itself.