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The necessity of VPN in gaming

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Virtual Private Network (a.k.a. VPN) is a way to establish a private connection from the public network. VPN helps you to browse through the internet safely by hiding your IP address and network ID from the requested URL. In this article we will understand the necessity of VPN in gaming.

How does VPN work?

VPN creates a separate path between your node to the requested URL node. When you turn on the VPN, your request is sent to a different location within the network, that location can be far away from your place, and you do not need to be there. Before sending a request to your browsed source, a different IP address is created, and the request is sent using that new IP address. After collecting data from the page, it’s sent to that created IP address, and then the data is sent to your node. It’s implicated as if you are in other locations while browsing through the internet. Thus it is a proxy for you, and VPN gives a range of proxy servers to connect with. You can visit this website to know more about VPNs in detail.

Why should you use a VPN for gaming?

If you are fond of gaming, then you must download VPN to your phone or desktop. It’s not mandatory to use, but if you spend too much time on games that require a network connection, then you should think about the safety of your privacy. Otherwise, your private information may be hacked by a cyber scam. Here are the reasons why you should have a VPN while playing games.

  1. Be safe against hacking. This does not happen frequently, but nowadays, there have been cases of swatting. In a multiplayer game where players from any corner in the world are playing simultaneously, for a global chat or whatever the reason is, sometimes some plates become annoyed to a particular player. Then he may decide to follow you and mess with your profile. They can extract your IP address and use it to hack your profile and know your location with every private. They may gather the login and password of your social media profiles, which are linked to your gaming account, and use it for the wrong purpose. They can know your location and stalk you physically. There are also reported cases of swatting where the person can send a fake emergency alert to some random people using your profile, leaving you in trouble. So you should use a VPN to secure your connection.
  2. Defend against DDOS scam. Distributed Denial Of Service (a.k.a. DDOS) is a process to disconnect you from the server by sending random data from other devices to your computer to force it to disconnect from the server. Previously this DDOS scam was not common and used to happen seldom. But now, when almost every engaging popular games use the internet connection, cases of DDOS become very common. Even there is dedicated DDOS software using which one can easily disconnect your device from the host of the game. If you use a VPN, it encrypts your connection details and can’t find your IP address to perform DDOS against you.
  3. Secure your privacy on WiF Playing games on your computer or mobile phone requires huge bandwidth. You can buy a package of bandwidth which have a data limit for a day. Then there is an unlimited data pack without any limit, but the package is costly. Cost may vary for different internet service providers, but neither of them is least expensive. So it’s very tempting to use free WiFi available in airport bus stop restaurant or railway junction. But often, this WiFi connection is not secured, and details can be set to public. There are available to track down all your details whenever you connect to the public WiFi and know what website is visiting, browsing history, and even passwords. Thus they can jeopardize your account privacy.

Now VPN creates a separate path for connection, disintegrates all your details into data packets, and sends that encoded data to fetch the source’s information. Encoded data are not easy to decipher. Also, they hide your browsing history, searching for records. Your internet service providers or even search engines can track all those records for unfair use. But VPN collects those data and encrypts them before linking to the search engines. So no one can track your privacy.

  1. Be safe from bandwidth throttling. While playing games, sometimes you see that it’s taking a lot of time to load or be unable to connect to the server because of poor data connectivity. It may happen due to bandwidth throttling, where your internet service provider can intentionally use your bandwidth speed to dedicate to other purposes, or happen due to crowding in the network for some particular games. The use of a VPN will hide all your browsing data and make it safe from intentional throttling.
  2. Play games from any region. Some games are restricted to areas, and you may find games showing it’s not available in your country. Then you can use a VPN and connect to a server of a country that has access to the game. Thus it will implicate as you are in the other country and allowed to play the game.