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The Most Common Men’s Outfits In Sporting Events

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Wearing the right outfits matter: The right outfit means an advantage over competitors in the sporting world. But if you’re not the player, it doesn’t make sense to wear speedos to witness Michael Phelps doing laps, right?

That’s where the category of sports casual attire comes in. Men’s casual wear varies depending on the occasion. From wearing neat and clean-looking polo shirts to down hooded jackets in the Winter Olympics, there’s a right outfit for every type of event.

  1. Golf

There’s no general consensus regarding what to wear in a sporting event such as golf, but traditionally, rules set forth by a golf club usually include the prohibition of shirts and denim. Golf outfit attire includes the standard polo shirt and choice of khakis.

Famous golf players like Tiger Woods have their own signature items with famous brands. Tiger Woods usually wore Dri-Fit Polo shirts, with a matching hat, and his khakis.

  1. Tennis

Fans usually wear the same outfit as their idolized tennis players. The usual outfits that look good off-court include the signature tennis shoes. They come in plain white, with little to no design at all. These white tennis shoes can often be bought from a sports outlet shop, and they pair well with a variety of styles.

White tennis shoes look great with hoodies and men’s track pants. If you want to look more formal, you can wear a plain shirt tucked in some good fitting trousers, with a blazer to complete the business casual outfit. You can change into a less formal look by swapping out the trousers with some knee-high shorts that either match the color of your undershirt or the tennis shoes.

  1. Cricket
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Cricket outfits are more cozy compared to golf and tennis sports wear. There’s usually a knitted vest involved – plain white or off white vests look great. A cricket outfit is usually three-layered. There’s an undershirt, then a suit in either plain color or plaid, and then the white knitted vest.

As for the lower portion of the get-up, white khakis or knee-high shorts also work. Some people have used denims, which isn’t all too bad, but it’s better to opt for dark blue or earth tone khakis instead. Leather boat shoes complete the look, or sometimes canvas sneakers look good with shorts too.

  1. Football

Football fans may be one of the more simple people when it comes to outfits. A quick look at the audience at a football match reveals the variety of outfits they wear – some opt for simple shirts, some even wear tank tops on warmer nights, and some even go for hoodies. It really depends on personal preference.

However, games like football can be so intense and the physical exertion may lead to extra sweating, so the best outfits would usually be a good moisture wicking undershirt under whatever type of secondary clothing item you have to cover it.

If you plan on running across the grounds of a football field, then shoes with “spikes” can prevent you from slipping in the mud. Otherwise, just go with regular sneakers – they match with anything.