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Internet 5G in 2020 – The most amazing features

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The company announces its new strategy based on the launch of the Silicon One network processor architecture and 8000 series router, along with “flexible marketing models.” The current Internet infrastructure is not capable of supporting in a viable way the multiple digital experiences that are coming and the future generations of applications and services that will imply a much greater complexity, Therefore .If you have interest about Internet 5G in 2020 read this article carefully .



New flexible purchasing options – Internet 5G in 2020


“Innovation requires focused investment, the right professionals, and a culture that values ​​the imagination,” said Chuck Robbins, president, and CEO of Cisco (pictured). “We are committed to transforming the industry to build a new internet for the 5G era. Our latest silicon, optics, and software solutions represent this continuous innovation that helps our clients stay ahead and create innovative experiences for their clients and end-users for decades to come.”


Pillars of the Internet for the Future- Internet 5G in 2020


In the past five years, Cisco has driven a technology strategy to build the Internet that organizations will need for the future success of their business in the digital world. Designed to overcome the infrastructure constraints that appear as the digital transformation progresses, this strategy combines the manufacturer’s new network processors with its next generation of optical solutions. Therefore The plan will transform the foundation of the Network of Networks to meet the demands of future digital applications and enable organizations to make their network operations more straightforward and more profitable.

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software are the technological levers – Internet 5G in 2020


Therefore PSpecifically, the multinational’s strategy based on investments and development in three critical technological areas: silicon (processors), optics, and software. “Taking the limits of innovation to the next level, far beyond. What we experience today, is essential for the future. And we believe that silicon, optics, and software are the technological levers that will deliver this result. It says David Goeckeler, executive vice president and general manager, Network and Security at Cisco.


strategy implies the most significant innovation

Internet 5G in 2020


Therefore Cisco’s technology strategy not based on a single product line,” he continues. “For the past few years. We have been investing in entire categories of independent technologies that we believe will converge in the future. That will ultimately enable us to solve the biggest challenges that could delay digital innovation. Therefore This strategy implies the greatest innovation and development that the company has ever promoted.”


Cisco Silicon One: processor architecture


The new Cisco Silicon One architecture will be the basis of the brand’s routing portfolio going forward, with an expected performance that will soon reach up to 25 Terabits per second (Tbps). It is the industry’s first network chip designed to accommodate the service provider and web-scale components globally. Planned for both fixed and modular strategies, it can handle the most demanding requirements.  Therefore  the first model of this system – exceeds . The routing cap of 10 Tbps for network bandwidth without sacrificing programming capacity, buffering, energy efficiency, scalability, or functional flexibility.

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Therefore Typically multiple types of processors with different capacities are used in a network and even in the same device. Developing new functionality and testing can be time consuming and expensive. Therefore The unified and programmable processor architecture will allow network operators to significantly reduce operating costs. The time it takes to monetize new services. Therefore To respond to these needs.  Cisco has unveiled its technological strategy to build an internet for the next decades. Through technological advances already available, such as Silicon One, an architecture of network processors; 8000 Series, the world’s most potent web-scale carrier and operator routers based on the new processors. Hope you know now about Internet 5G in 2020 .