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The Metro, free newspaper of London, publishes price and release date of Nintendo Switch

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In the past few hours, Metro UK has reported rumors about the release date and price of Nintendo Switch: according to the head, the console of the house of Kyoto will be released in Europe on March 17 at a price of 245 pounds, around $301.23 USD and 285 euro at current exchange rates.

In less than one week the Big N will be revealing all the official details on Nintendo Switch which we have been waiting for. However, a recent report indicates that a British newspaper might have already been ahead of the Kyoto house in their anticipated announcements.

The Metro, a renowned free newspaper of London, published in yesterday’s edition the supposed release date and price of Nintendo Switch. As mentioned, the console would be arriving in UK on March 17 of this year with a price of £245.

The insider Laura Dale wanted to comment on this entry: “Date lines up with what I’ve said for months, price is a little above my reports. I don’t know their source on this info.” According to Dale, therefore, the price of Switch will be lower than that reported by Metro and could align itself to that reported by Gameseek, about 198.50 pounds, around $245 USD and 230 euro at exchange rate.

It deals with, anyhow, of speculation and rumor unconfirmed, so we invite you to take the news with proper precautions. The launch date and the  price of Switch will be announced on January 12 during a special event at 8 p.m. PT/11 p.m. ET (Friday, January 13 at 4 a.m. UK/2 p.m. AET).

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