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The Legend of Legacy Demo download available now on the Nintendo eShop

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The demo of The Legend of Legacy, RPG title for the Nintendo 3DS is now available on the eShop, ready to be downloaded by gamers across all Europe. Signed by the Japanese company Furyu, this RPG will lead the players on the mysterious island of Avalon along with seven characters that are Meurs, Bianca, Liber, Owen, Garnet, Eloise and Filmia.

The Legend of Legacy Screenshot
The Legend of Legacy Screenshot

This turn-based RPG game will put us in the skin of seven adventurers who must discover what secrets hides in a newly emerged island, which seems to hide treasures and glory but actually hides something else.

To communicate Nintendo confirmed the same with a tweet from the official profile of UK. The demo will let you to play a little prologue of the adventure and explore the first two dungeons, ensuring that you can avoid the obligation to repeat them in case you decide to buy the game when it gets released, during the next month of February 5, 2016.

What do you think of The Legend of Legacy and its features? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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