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The Legend of Kage Will Release on Nintendo Switch Tomorrow

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Hamster continues its relentless work of rescuing the work of the past of the world of video games so that new generations can learn classic titles. In this way, the company has announced Arcade Archives The Legend of Kage collection (called “Kage no Densetsu” in Japan) for the Nintendo Switch via the eShop.

This is a game developed by Taito in 1985 for recreational and that the later in 1986 reached several 8-bit home computers (Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC), as well as NES.

The main story, common to all versions, is set in medieval Japan and is about a ninja named Kage who is forced to rescue Princess Kirihime, who has been kidnapped by mystic beings or demons. Throughout the game, the main character will have to overcome a series of levels that usually have a superior enemy at the end.

You can see a gameplay video of the title and a small gallery of images of it below:

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The Legend of Kage will release on Nintendo Switch tomorrow Thursday, October 10. This time the game will be a little higher than usual, ¥838 (compared to the usual ¥823), but it is expected to have the same price in the rest of the countries ($7.99/€6.99/£6.29).