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The Last of Us: The Game is Coming into Series, Here’s Everything About it

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The Last of US is one of famous zombie game which has earned the award of Game of the years a few years ago. Everyone really likes this action play video game.

Premium cable Network, which is CNN parent company announced that the Game is developing into a series with the same title ” the Last of Us.”

the show will be a collaboration of Sony pictures television in Play Station productions.
As you know the Game is a story o Joel who is a divorced single father and turns out to be a smuggler with a traffic past.

A task is assigned to Joel in which he smuggles a 14-year-old girl named Ellie. There are two struggles to stay alive in this world that is devasted by the outbreak of deadly disease.

In the gaming world storm cam after the release of the last of us in 2013. it became one of the best selling game of this year, and the Game has strong dramatic themes and gameplay.
Moreover better version with updated graphics was released on the same year on the PlayStation 4.

So the award-winning writer Neil Druckmann is working with HBO and Sony to bring the fantastic story on the screen.

Now let’s see the idea of converting Game into series? Will it be successful or not?

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