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Rumor: The Last of Us Part II Will Release in February 2020, Different Editions Revealed


New rumors go back to point out that The Last of Us Part II will release in February 2020. According to sources known as Jason Schreier, the game was scheduled for this fall but passed early next year. In an interview, Ellie’s voice actress hinted at a February release date, but later denied it.

Now it has been a Chinese source that had already spoken of Death Stranding in November weeks before it was confirmed who mentions that the game of Naughty Dog will release in February 2020. The information has been published by ZhugeEX in Resetera, which gives more credibility to the message.

This text also reveals four editions for the game: the standard, a special edition, collector’s edition and Ellie Edition. There are no details of its content, but Sony’s special editions usually include a metal box and a small art book. Ellie Edition is believed to have a figure of Ellie, the protagonist of this sequel.

The information does not come from ZhugeEX itself, but from a user who goes by the name “agentkicker”, who has posted the leak in what appears to be a forum of Chinese origin (you can see the capture below). This same person leaked November as the release date for Death Stranding before the official announcement was made.

The Last of Us Part II Release Date

This, together with the fact that ZhugeEX (who, we insist, has always hit the nail on the head with his leaks) shares the information or that it is not the first time we heard February 2020 as the launch date of The Last of Us Part 2, which is interesting.

What do you think? Is it likely that The Last of Us Part II will launch in February 2020 for PS4? Recall that the first The Last of Us also had two special editions, the Joel edition and the Ellie edition.