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Naughty Dog Will Share New Info on The Last of Us Part II “When It’s Ready”

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The hype is a double-edged sword and more when it comes to projects that require considerable time to materialize. It is a reality that companies must comply with their fans and also with the financial interests that are around them. Precisely, The Last of Us Part II seems to be at a mid-point where the hype is becoming annoyance and distrust and this has led Naughty Dog to take action on this.

A couple of days ago, a Twitter user questioned Arne Meyer, communications director of Naughty Dog about the lack of announcements and information about The Last of Us Part II, a title that although is one of the most anticipated, has sown the uncertainty and despair in many players who are getting tired of seeing a new trailer in the important events of each year. In that sense, the manager’s response was: “Can not say much, but we will put new things out when it is ready. Appreciate you and all of our fans’ patience!”

Obviously, the response was not well received by those who expect concrete information on The Last of Us Part II, because until today there is no definite release date and its release is increasingly covered with speculation about the arrival of the new Sony console, so it is not known if the title will really arrive on PS4, it will come out on 2 consoles or, in that case, it will debut on the hypothetical PlayStation 5 to give an initial boost to its cycle.

Thus, there is nothing left to wait for, at some point, Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment will reveal official details about The Last of Us Part II and remove the shadow that begins to cover the long-awaited sequel.

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