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The Last of Us Part II is currently under pre-production

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During an interview with the Daily Star, Arne Meyer, Naughty Dog community strategist, confirmed that The Last of Us Part II has not yet reached the full production stage.

Apparently, the software house has poured most of its workforce over the past few months on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Once the stand-alone expansion is available on the market, in this month of August 23, developers will begin to work full-time on The Last of Us Part II, which is still under pre-production.

The title is devoid of a launch window, but many expect great news during the PlayStation Experience that will take place from 9 to 10 December. Meanwhile, according to a recent rumor, the game seems to be set in Seattle.

As you can see in the picture reported above, a car park has been recreated inside the game, which seems to be clearly inspired by Seattle public parking: it has the same font, the same shape, and structure. Considering that the previous rumors also noted several resemblances with some Seattle neighborhoods, the hypothesis that The Last Of Us Part II may be set in this city begins to become more and more likely.

On the other hand, Naughty Dog might have been inspired by some Seattle buildings, without implying that the city in question represents the real setting of the game. At this point, we just have to wait for any confirmation or denial by the developer.