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The Last of Us Part II New Gameplay Shown at GameStop Conference

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This week the GameStop Managers Conference was held in the United States and, as you can imagine, several titles were shown to certain people working in these stores. One of them is The Last of Us: Part II, then, according to information from the attendees, there were details not only in words, but also in a video.

As reported by Twitter user Gaming Forte, Sony talked more about its exclusive and even showed a new gameplay. In the video, a dark section was shown in which only “lights and fire” illuminated the area. In addition, the video says that it was focused on the way in which you can take advantage of clickers, enemies of the series that are in an advanced stage of infection by the Cordyceps fungus and that, therefore, practically have no awareness and they respond to instinctive impulses.

The surprises did not end there, because in another publication Gaming Forte revealed that Troy Baker (voice actor of Joel) was present at the event. However, it is not known what he shared with the attendees, as nothing has been disclosed. From what you can see in the images, it seems they talked about someone involved with the project, such as Shannon Woodward (voice of Dina) and Arne Meyer (communications director of Naughty Dog).

Taking into account this opening of Sony to talk about The Last of Us Part II and that next month will be Outbreak Day (September 26), it is very likely that Sony will announce more about the release of this expected title of Naughty Dog or even show a new gameplay. We will keep you informed.

The Last of Us Part II has no release date, but is expected to debut next year. What do you think about these revelations? What do you speculate on what they mentioned at the event? Are you looking forward to the game? Tell us in the comments below.