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The Last of Us: Part 2, Here’s Everything that You need to Know So far!

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One of the most famous names is coming this year. Yes! We are talking about the last of us: part 2 for which fans are really excited fr the storyline. It will be the first significant change in the gaming community. Everyone is saying that it will be the best game of the developers of this year.
PlayStation 4 users have been privileged to play for such game, but the passing day PS4 exclusives are getting ported, and that will be the case of The Last of Us: Part 2.

According to the latest news the list of the year has been upgraded and Sony is looking forward to its reach to the PC. Here you can get all the recent information regarding the Last of Us: Part 2.

Moreover, reports are also saying that Naughty Dog wants graphics programmer who has worked with DirectX12 in the past few years.

Moreover also looking for other modern processor technologies and persons who know contemporary GPU such as AMD and Nvidia Cuda. As you know the Sony does not employ on Nividia; therefore, the PC version is on the cards that could rival the AMD counterparts.

PC version wants graphics enhancement and other as well so that the project will become a reality. Moreover, Redemption 2 got pc ports and spoilers are saying Horizon Zero Down will release this year for PC.