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The Last of Us: Joel Is More “A Villain” Than Hero, Says His Voice Actor

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In a post-apocalyptic world such as The Last of Us, it is easy for moral and ethical lines to blur, in pursuit of survival. That is why, although for many Joel is considered one of the heroes of the story, along with Ellie, the truth is that he also fits in the role of villain.

During the Manchester Comic-Con, the voice actor of the character, Troy Baker, has stopped to analyze Joel. And he considers him rather a villain. “[In The Last of Us] you assume that Joel is the hero and David [played by Nolan North] is the villain, but…everyone is the hero of their own story,” Baker said. “I firmly believe that David believes he’s doing what is best for his people, and he is the hero in his story.”

Then he adds: “Joel, I don’t think deals in those terms at all. I don’t think Joel believes he’s a hero. If he was to lean anywhere I think that Joel would consider himself a villain, which is why he can say that he’s been on both sides. Like he can say ‘I’m just a guy trying to get by. I’m not here to save anybody, I’m not here to upset anyone’s plans. I’m just trying to live one day at a time.”

What really awakens all the alarms now is: based on what Baker has explained, what will Joel’s role be in The Last of Us Part II, where Ellie will be the one to take center stage? Will both characters have opposing positions? Be that as it may, Baker himself said: “You are not ready” for The Last of Us Part II.

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It is rumored that the release date of The Last of Us Part II, scheduled to be published on PS4, will be announced at the November State of Play.

Source: Gamebyte