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The Last of Us 2 will be announced before E3 2017?

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According to the insider Shinobi602, the reveal of The Last of Us 2 could be closer than expected: the well-known fact of the insider speculates that the game will be officially unveiled before E3 2017, and even some people are talking about a teaser which is expected at PlayStation Experience of December.


As you probably know, the second chapter of The Last of Us was to be shown at E3 this year, with a possible release in 2018, today we return to talk about the title with a new rumor spread over the network from a known insider.

According to the insider Shinobi602, The Last of Us 2 could be revealed before E3 2017, there are rumors of a teaser planned for the PlayStation Experience scheduled between 3 and 4 December.

Shinobi has simply declared that probably we “will not have to wait long” before having the confirmation of The Last of Us 2. It is difficult to understand at this time whether the game will be unveiled at the event next month, we should wait for the PlayStation Experience 2016 (scheduled for December 3 and 4) to learn more.

Recall that recently Naughty Dog has updated The Last of Us for PlayStation 4 Pro, however, the studio has never directly confirmed the existence of a sequel, although it has repeatedly made it clear that somehow they must continue to work on the franchise.

Obviously we are in the world of rumor, so the news should be taken with caution while waiting for official announcements.