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The Last Of Us 2 Director Jokes about the Game’s Release Date

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During E3 2019 all the attention was paid to Microsoft, Nintendo and the big game developers. In reality, however, there has also been much talk of Sony and above all, there has been talk of The Last of Us 2, the new game by Naughty Dog. In fact, the rumors about a release date started to leak right during the days of the Los Angeles event.

The source of the alleged leak was Ashley Johnson, the actress who plays Ellie. The woman had, in fact, suggested that The Last of Us 2 would be released in February 2020, but then revealed that it was only a joke and that she loves to do from time to time (indicating dates like February 31st or October 32nd, to understand). The fans certainly didn’t take the joke well, since it’s been a year since we’ve had really substantial information about The Last of Us 2.

Now, the game’s director, Neil Druckmann, arrives to make matters worse. The man actually wrote on Twitter that “FYI… every time someone asks for the release date, the game gets pushed back by five minutes.” Considering the general excitement towards The Last of Us 2, we are risking to have it delay until the next millennium.

Beyond the jokes, according to reports from the always well-informed Jason Schreier, The Last of Us 2 was scheduled for the end of 2019, but was postponed for a few months (thus moving to the first quarter of 2020) to make room for Death Stranding, the new title of Hideo Kojima.

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On balance, we have no official information on the subject: perhaps we will find out some extra details during a new State of Play; We hope that Sony will be active soon about it.