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The Last Guardian’s Collector’s Edition Unboxing Video Revealed

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Today, Sony released a video to publicise all the content that owners will find in the Collector’s Edition of The Last Guardian, a title that will debut in early December.

The Last Guardian

After several years of development the release of The Last Guardian finally approaches. Apart from the standard version of the exclusive title for PlayStation 4 we will also see a Collector’s Edition, of which we know about its contents thanks to a video made by Sony.

Sony has released recently the official unboxing video of the Collector’s Edition dedicated to The Last Guardian, pending exclusively for PlayStation 4 signed by Team Ico.

So this unboxing is special, because it has the presence of Shuhei Yoshida, president of Worldwide Studios and Sid Shuman, head of social media of Sony, who are in charge of opening the box and reveal the contents.

In addition to all objects of this edition, we hear Yoshida talk about how important this release is for the company, and he is satisfied with the result.

As we see in the video, the Collector’s Edition of The Last Guardian has a Steelbook, a statue of Trico, an artbook of 72 pages, the soundtrack in digital format and different adhesive images. This whole package is available for $199.99 USD.

The Last Guardian will finally debut on December 6 for PlayStation 4. We also remind you that the title will also support PlayStation 4 Pro.

Check out the unboxing video of The Last Guardian’s Collector’s Edition below: