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The Last Guardian: Tricks and Tips to get started

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The Last Guardian has finally arrived on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. The title recovers the atmosphere and the glance that has made ICO and Shadow of the Colossus great, immersing you in a world fallen into ruin, where towering relics and ruins of ancient civilizations can be found.

The gameplay is based on the poetic relationship between the young protagonist of the adventure and the strange griffin that accompanies it, Trico, a majestic creature and at the same time fragile. In this guide we will provide you with some useful tips that will help you master the skills of the two protagonists and make the most of the game environment.

Strengthen your relationship with Trico
Trico is a creature rather eccentric, able to perform different actions and help you later in the adventure. To gain his trust, you will have to feed him and avoid annoying, otherwise you will produce the opposite effect. In the early stages of the game, lay the food on the ground and let him to approach, so as to make him comfortable. Give proper attention and learn to interpret his gestures, which could lead you in the right direction to follow during the various missions that you are going to face. Also remember that Trico may, for example, move boulders, climb the walls or break through the wooden doors, so take advantage of his skills.

Pay attention to the world around you
Like any adventure game worthy of respect, even the world of The Last Guardian has hidden pitfalls and dangers to avoid. The shortest path may not always be the safest, so try to find alternative routes to go along with Trico. You can take advantage of the piles of rubble or protrusions at certain points of the map to climb and complete your mission, but do not forget to pay attention to the environment around you. Keep in mind that you can take advantage of the skills of your companion to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

Learn about Trico
Trico is without a doubt a very strange creature and moody. The eyes of the animal, however, will help you to understand his state of mind, allowing you to act accordingly. Normally, the pupils of Trico will assume a dark green color, a sign that the animal is quiet and affectionate. However, if his eyes turns into yellow or white, it will mean that the creature is hypnotized or distracted. Pink indicates a state of hostile mood while when Trico will be angry, his eyes become purple. The animal finally emits groans when the boy will be too far away from him.

Try to calm down Trico quickly
Obviously, Trico can not always be happy and peaceful, so you must try to make him comfortable and to restore peace as quickly as possible. To calm him down, you can stroke his neck or, alternatively, you can climb on his tail and move it wherever you want by simply holding down the O button on your controller. In this way, the creature will perform orders willingly from you as imposed, resulting quiet and affectionate.

Memorize the commands regarding Trico
To get the most from the game, you will have to quickly memorize commands regarding Trico. If you want to call it, simply press the R1 button. If you want to sit down and berate the creature, you need to hold R1 and press X. If you do raise or praise him, you need to hold R1 and press O. You can also do a step on or wipe out the objects that block the way while pressing the R1 and pressing, respectively, Triangle, or Square. To move along with Trico, you will instead hold R1 and move the lever in the desired direction. The creature will begin to whine if it can not run any of your commands because of tight spaces or further complications.

Even Trico will call you
As mentioned earlier, you can call Trico at any time. Similarly, the creature can do the same with you. The animal is not able to speak, but will loudly howl to attract your attention. In times of trouble you can try to follow his call, which will lead you to safety. Trico will also be able to tear yourself away from the most unpleasant situations, the narrow streets, climbing the walls and clearing the way from the dangers.

Listen to the advice of the narrator
If you’re stuck in an area and you do not know to solve a particular puzzle, a narrator will come to your rescue, providing useful tips that will help you decipher the riddle. Also, if you listen to this every suggestion in The Last Guardian, you can unlock the silver trophy called “All Talked Out”.