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The Last Guardian Release Date Confirmed for 2016 by Sony on PS4

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After the launch of two preview video (shown below) and confirmation from its creator, Sony announces The Last Guardian is set to release in this year 2016.

The Last Guardian Screenshot

Since yesterday, The Last Guardian was talk of the show as was often the case in recent years. Yesterday in the evening we had the right to learn a little more about the game through a preview video published in the latest issue of the Edge magazine.

This morning it was the turn of IGN to talk about the game with new information on the title and the launch of two new videos and some pictures. Since yesterday, we knew that the title would be present at our favorite retailers by the end of the year through a statement by its creator.

However, sometimes some developers proceed too fast and it is reassuring to learn that this morning it was confirmed through the Australian division of Sony that The Last Guardian will indeed release in this year 2016.

You can check out the videos below that highlights the phases of gameplay never seen before. Thus, the relationship between the boy and Trico creature is revealed, stressing the trust that builds slowly between two people, allowing self-help forms to evolve in the ruins that make the game world.

The video excerpts are from the first 45 minutes of the adventure. Now we expect for some more information on the title as part of E3 with – hopefully – a release date for the game on PS4.

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