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The Last Guardian New Trailer Released at GameStop Expo 2016

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In the GameStop Expo 2016 event held in Anaheim, California, Sony Interactive Entertainment released a new trailer for The Last Guardian.

The Last Guardian Screenshot

Strangely absent from the PlayStation Meeting, The Last Guardian was shown during the GameStop Expo.

A new gameplay video which shows some passages that were already seen emerges, but nevertheless with several new sequences. The universe is in any case always successful, as the relationship between the two main characters: a boy and a beast with wing whose origin is still a mystery.

The clip lasts just over a minute and, in that time, allows us to see numerous interactions between the protagonists of the game: a mysterious boy and a giant creature called Trico.

The output of The Last Guardian was scheduled for October 25 but, a couple of days ago, Team Ico said it needed more time to polish the game.

Now, we know that this issue, which we have waited for 7 years, will finally come to PlayStation 4 on 6 December.

The video was shown during the GameStop Expo and was then deleted for reasons not explained by Sony. The video shows us Trico and the boy struggling with the exploration and interaction at least initially but the beast soon becomes an ally of the young protagonist.

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