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The Last Guardian New CG Cinematic Trailer Released

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Sony Interactive Entertainment today released a new trailer in CG of The Last Guardian, which focuses on the relationship between the protagonist and Trico, the huge feathered creature that we will know right from the early stages of the adventure.


A new trailer of The Last Guardian has been unveiled recently. The release of The Last Guardian is getting closer, so we are all getting a little warmed up with a CG Cinematic trailer for the game.

In the new trailer of The Last Guardian we see the young protagonist under the name “The boy” whose real name so far remains unknown. The boy is chased by a large number of great warriors or soldiers who want to catch him. He does his best to escape but once he reaches the center of the bridge it collapses into each other and thus he is not able to move anywhere. At the last moment there appears a beast called “Trico” who saves the boy from his downfall.

The trailer shows us the indestructible bond that will soon be created between the protagonist of The Last Guardian and the Beast, which will not, however, always be ready to intervene to our aid, as repeatedly revealed by Fumito Ueda. The relationship between the two will change over time and will be sorely tested by a long series of events.

We recall that The Last Guardian will arrive in Europe on December 6, exclusively on PlayStation 4, with support for PS4 Pro.