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The Last Guardian Japanese Introduction Video Released

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia today released a new video with the introduction of The Last Guardian, which lasts nine minutes and shows you more of the protagonist and his giant partner.

PlayStation Japan has shared on its official channel a new video dedicated to The Last Guardian, which shows us nearly nine minutes of gameplay of the next effort of Fumito Ueda and his companions.

The gameplay video is available at the bottom of the news. We remind you that, having been published for the Japanese public, the video is available only in Japanese language. Please be advised, however, that the video shows the very early stages of the game and also if you fear spoiler, it is obviously not recommended for viewing to those who do not like advances of any kind on the game content.

This game has been highly anticipated by all the fans, it comes seven years after it was announced by its creator Fumito Ueda, in 2009. The game will be released this year on PlayStation 4 on December 6 in America and Japan, while in Europe it will be arriving on December 7.

Recently, the game makers explained the relationship between The Last Guardian and Shadow of the Colossus, if you want to know this news to detail, visit this link.

Do not miss the trailer below:

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