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The Last Guardian ESRB Rating Reveals Gameplay and Combat Details

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The ESRB, the American authority that deals with the classification of games before the release on the territory of competence, has provided some details about The Last Guardian in sight of the day-one set for December.


The ESRB agency, which deals with the assessment of video games for the US market, has unveiled new details for The Last Guardian, a new title coming on December 7th on the PlayStation 4.

The Fumito Ueda game has been rated T for Teen, and therefore will not include violent scenes or particularly shocking gameplay, considering the audience to which it will be (surprisingly?) side.

Keep in mind that spoiler extremists might consider the last part a mild spoiler, so you have been warned.

Below is the description given for this game, reminding you that it contains some important spoiler, so do not read it if you want to stay away from the game plot, you have been warned:

“This is an action-adventure game in which players control a young boy as he explores ruins and solves puzzles with his giant animal companion (Trico). Players can command Trico to zap blocked passages or strike enemies with a lightning attack that shoots from its tail.”

“Enemies in suits of armor generally break into pieces when defeated; though soldiers sometimes emit blood-like flashes or red symbols when injured. In some levels, the player’s character can rip the helmets off enemy characters, though no gore is shown. Cutscenes also depict acts of violence and occasional blood: Trico attacked by spears or swords; Trico bleeding from wounds.”