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The Last Guardian E3 2015 Trailer

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An official trailer of The Last Guardian finally appears in E3 2015. This game was announced long back and there was no news of its final release. It was 2009 when the game was announced and after two years it was going to release. But somehow it got disappeared and after quite a long period we are seeing a brand new trailer of this game. The game is now finally set to release in 2016 on PS4. For other platform like Xbox One and PC, we are not having much information. It looks like The Last Guardian is a PS4 exclusive game. The trailer shows up a bond between a boy and a beast. This game reminds me of Never Alone. This type of games is unique and comes with a challenging gameplay that is hard to find. Overall The Last Guardian looks very promising game. But the sad part is that it will be only for PS4. A trailer of this game is provided below that will give you a bit detailed information on the gameplay.

In the video you can see ancient ruins where a boy calls up a beast that guides and helps him to get out. The storyline will be surely very unique here. But we don’t know much about the game plot that we are trying to find out from quite a long time. There are chances that before the release we might get to see a few more gameplay video. For the time being, you can checkout its official trailer below.