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The Last Guardian Director is working on a new project

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During the ceremony of the D.I.C.E. awards which was held in the night in Las Vegas, Fumito Ueda received the award for “Outstanding Achievement in Character”, assigned to Trico, huge creature and the protagonist of The Last Guardian.

It seems that The Last Guardian has not sold very much, although we still do not know the actual data, and it is fair to ask whether the current video games industry still offers space for similar titles. Unfortunately the answer is not obvious as it should be.

Anyway good news in all this is: Fumito Ueda, the author of the game, as well as for masterpieces such as Shadow of the Colossus and ICO, announced to be working on something new. He did it during the D.I.C.E. Awards ceremony, where he received his own award for The Last Guardian.

Actually he gave no precise specifications and according to what we said everything is still in the planning stages.

On this occasion, the Japanese game designer has announced that he is working on a new project, still in the planning stages. No other details have been emerged about the next title of Ueda, that could be intended to smartphones and tablets, the VR devices or even to other platforms, it is not clear whether the game in question will be developed with the support of Sony Interactive Entertainment or external publisher.

It could also be a new game for PlayStation consoles (maybe for the next generation, given the project development time of Ueda), or a multi-platform title. Meanwhile it is nice to know that he did not flee from the world of video games. We look forward to learn more.

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