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The Last Guardian Creator Reveals New Details About His Next Game

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In an interesting article by Polygon dedicated to a company that finances video games in its initial stages, the great Fumito Ueda, father of ICO, Shadow of the Colossus or the most recent The Last Guardian, has confirmed that his new video game is “making very good progress” and already it seems that the new title has come out of the prototype phase.

A phase that was funded by the Kowloon Nights fund, and that will be followed by the proposal of Ueda and its GenDesign to great publishers who will be interested in the project.

This rather atypical process, as a prototype is usually created first and then proposed to publishers for funding, has allowed the Japanese team to “eliminate the need for us to prepare an extensive presentation”.

“That valuable time is spent working on the actual game instead. When the partner isn’t as familiar with production and the steps of creating a game, there is a tendency to care more about the visuals, thus spending extra time perfecting that aspect rather than the core of the game’s design,” says The Last Guardian creator.

“The extensive prototyping period was worthwhile and we are making very good progress,” Ueda says. “I believe this project will showcase both unexpected and familiar elements in one.”

It is not clear what the timing is, but considering that the proposal phase of the project will now begin for the different publishers (imagine Sony could be one of the first and most likely partners), the speech will presumably be delayed to the next generation.