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The Last Guardian 18 Minutes of New Gameplay Video Revealed from Tokyo Game Show

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The Last Guardian was recently shown in a new trailer and now a new video of the title showing 18 minutes of gameplay was revealed. Several media have been playing The Last Guardian at the Tokyo Game Show.

The Last Guardian

The anticipated video game created by Team Ico now has been delayed to fix bugs and thus reach in the best possible way on December 6, but that does not deprive The Last Guardian to appear at the last Tokyo Game Show in a new trailer and several media have been able to play a demo in English.

The new trailer follows the same dynamics as the above to show the dynamics of cooperation between Trico, the creature that looks like a cross between a dog and a chicken, and the boy who will manage to escape the ruins that holds both of them captive. As a novelty, it seems that Trico will not be the only beast of race we meet and there are others who may not be so friendly.

In addition, several US media have had the opportunity to try a demo in English during the Tokyo Game Show. They say, the dog-chicken look like creature has his own will and developers have worked hard to make it seem he is alive and thus follows his own instincts. In this demo we can see the boy trying to solve some of the puzzles that will help him escape from the ruins in which both will find themselves.

In an official statement, the president of the Sony studio, Shuhei Yoshida, unveiled the new delay of the game. We just hope that this extra time is to correct the last detail, and that the final version of the game does not drag the bugs and performance problems that were seen in the demo available at E3 2016.

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Watch the gameplay video of The Last Guardian below: