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The King of Fighters XIV Trailer Debuts Athena, Nelson and Luong

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SNK Playmore announced on Thursday a new trailer for King of Fighters XIV – a fighting game that should arrive in 2016 exclusively on the PlayStation 4 – displaying three classic characters of the franchise, namely Athena, and two more rookies fighters Nelson and Luong.

The King of Fighters XIV Characters

Today, SNK Playmore and Sony Computer Entertainment revealed a new trailer for the fighting game of King of Fighters XIV due out this year exclusively on PS4. You can see the return of the fans favorite Athena Asamiya and the introduction of two new fighters: Nelson and Luong in their debut trailer at the end of this article.

King of Fighters XIV is the latest title in the franchise in which players can choose from a robust cast of characters to form a team of three fighters. Many of the fighters have appeared in other fighting games of SNK, including Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury and Ikari Warriors.

Old trailers of this game have also revealed that Andy Bogard, brother of Fatal Fury protagonist, Terry Bogard, will be playable. In addition to Andy, the other confirmed characters include Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Chang Koehan and Leona Heidern.

Unlike the previous series, King of Fighters XIV this time will use 3-dimensional graphics although there is still no further information whether this game will adopt a system of three-dimensional game or keep the game in 2-dimensional system like before.

It was also not clear yet if King of Fighters XIV is a temporary exclusive or will reach to PC also. Other titles in the franchise has reached the download platform of Steam.