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The King of Fighters XIV Screenshot Reveals New Character Love Heart

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Atlus updated the website of The King of Fighters XIV with new images, and although many show characters that were already presented in the game, one of these reveals a new fighter, which we knew nothing until now.

The King of Fighters XIV - Love Heart Character

Thus, the picture shows Love Heart, character of the game from pachinko Sky Love, who will be part of the fighting game title and integrating with the team of Another World, next to Nakoruru and Mui Mui. You can check the screenshot of Love Heart (above image) who seems to use a sword in the fight.

Recently, SNK introduced the team of Kim, the team of Art of Fighting and the team of Fatal Fury. Also, do not forget to check out 40 minutes of gameplay video of The King of Fighters XIV at the end of this article.

SNK was recently on tour in Japan where it was presenting the latest version of King of Fighters XIV before the game goes on sale. As a result, fans have been able to share extensive gameplay video of the title. In this case, a YouTube user called keykakko published nearly 40 minutes of interesting fights.

In the clip we can see how players discover each character’s special, as well as the Desperation Moves, combos and more. The video quality is poor because it was recorded directly from the original hardware; however, it runs at 60 frames per second, and that allows you to enjoy the action smoothly.

Recall that The King of Fighters XIV will debut on August 23 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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