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The King of Fighters XIV new demo will be available later this month

SNK Playmore Corporation has announced that The King of Fighters XIV will have a new free demo at the end of this month of December, thus allowing us to take a first look at their update 1.10.

During the Sony conference of the PlayStation Experience it was announced that soon The King of Fighters XIV will rely on an improved graphics, thanks to the arrival of the update 1.10.

This patch, as discussed, will bring considerable graphical improvements, two new color variations for each character and other changes and updates that have not yet been detailed. The launch of the update is scheduled for January.

The King of Fighters XIV went on sale in August for PlayStation 4. It features a battle system of 3 on 3, which allows users to choose among more than 50 different fighters in the game to create their own group.

The Japanese company has not disclosed whether there will be other changes, for example to rebalance the different characters, but we will not have to wait long to find it out, since the 1.10 update will be available in the next month of January as previosuly said.

As you can see in the video below, it will be in the month of January 2017 on which this update will be released that features new color variations for the characters and improves the graphics of the game. For now SNK did not reveal more details about this update.

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