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The King of Fighters XIV E3 2016 Trailer Revealed

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SNK and Atlus have distributed a new trailer for The King of Fighters XIV, next installment of the veteran saga of fighting title.

The King of Fighters XIV

It’s no longer a surprise to anyone: Sega and Atlus have a shared a booth at E3 2016. And even if they have no conference like other publishers, they have things to show. Today, among many other trailers, it is The King of Fighters XIV trailer that caught the attention.

The new trailer for The King of Fighters XIV officially presents kingpin of the game, Antonov. The billionaire and self-titled “First Champion”, is the new organizer of the most famous tournament of SNK, and appears in its animated version for the first time.

Besides that, The King of Fighters XIV will feature 50 fighters in its workforce and uses three-dimensional graphics, although its gameplay will be based on a 2D game. At least in the United States it will feature a special edition that includes the game in a metal box with an illustration of Kyo Kusanagi, a picture book of 144 pages, the game’s soundtrack on 3 discs that collects more than 60 topics and cover illustrated of Mai Shiranui with and, of course, all in a Special Collector’s packaging with illustrations of multiple classic characters from the series.

The game will come to America on August 23, to Japan on August 25 and to Europe a day later, on August 26.