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The King of Fighters XIV demo download available on July 19 2016

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ATLUS has announced that the demo of The King of Fighters XIV will debut for PlayStation 4 this Tuesday July 19th.

The King of Fighters XIV - Antonov

During the EVO 2016, SNK has confirmed that there is an incoming downloadable demo of The King of Fighters XIV for PlayStation 4. “With seven playable characters, the demo is only a test of what awaits them with the alignment of 50 characters when the game is released on 23 August,” the company said.

Online mode, unfortunately, will not be supported, but the full version of the game, which will release on August 26, will have this option. It is worth mentioning that the multiplayer will have fight between the two teams, each of which will consist of three players. It promises to be a lot of fun when the game hits the market.

In addition, on the official PlayStation blog, ATLUS published a guide for players to get to know the fighters in the game.

The distributor also shared an image where Antonov, the villain of the game, appears “with its glorious stylized beard, imposing physical presence, and spectacular championship belt.”

The final version of The King of Fighters will arrive in Europe on 26 August. It was not specified in which countries the demo will be available, but we suppose that it should be available in North America and Europe.