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The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse to launch on August 16 for PS4

The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse, an adventure RPG with collectible card game elements featuring an original story set in Universal Studios’ Huntsman universe, will debut its tale of heroic courage to PlayStation 4 owners in America on August 16. The Huntsman will come to PlayStation 4 in Europe and the Oceanic on August 23.

This sprawling adventure from Desert Owl Games follows a young woman named Elisabeth as she searches for her long-lost siblings through their surreal animated world. Early in her adventure, she teams up with a mysterious man named Marcus who’s eager to aide her journey for his own ulterior motives.

Elisabeth and Marcus lead the narrative through choose-your-own-adventure-style decision making. On their journey they will combat evil men, rabid creatures and a powerful enchantress who plays a significant and sinister role in the duo’s story.

When the pair engage in active-time battles, players select their actions from a hand of randomly-drawn collectible equipment cards. Along the way Elisabeth will fight alongside and against fellow humans, dwarves and supernatural beings.

Elisabeth’s quest leads her through gorgeous stretches of Universal Studios’ fantasy world, many instantly recognizable to fans of the films, including the vast plains of High Moor, treacherous forests and the ruins of Freya’s Abandoned Castle.

“The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse’s first season is a layered RPG experience that puts the pen in a player’s hand,” said Linsay Craten, chief marketing officer, Desert Owl Games. “Through plot-altering choices and directing battles via the hands they are dealt, players can shape Winter’s Curse into their own distinct adventure.”

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