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The Guest Review (PC)

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505 Games and Team Gotham present us today their game called The Guest. Defined by its own developers as a first-person exploration game, this title will allow us to immerse ourselves in the shoes of Dr. Evguen Leonov, a scientist trapped in his own hotel room. Before you begin to compare the poor protagonist to dear Marcus Brody of Indiana Jones, usually getting lost in his own museum, however, know that The Guest is not your average adventure game, but rather a paradoxical journey inside the human psyche.

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The setting, only apparently limited, will be totally focused in the comfortable room aforementioned, that after a few moments, we begin to remember only as a narrow trap, from the surface all too limited. To help the plot of the game being as realistic as possible, you can also hasten the wise choice of the developers against the historical period in which the events will take place. We are in fact in the nostalgic ’80s years, a time when there was still no trace of mobile phone and portable Internet connections. Without any way out, with doors and windows boarded up before our freedom, we soon find ourselves frantically analyze every single corner and centimeter at our disposal, in search of possible objects or clues that can explain to us what is happening there. Someone has apparently decided to kidnap us, blocked us between these walls filled with riddles and puzzles of various types, even the most absurd.

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“Who decided to trap us here?” and “Why is it just touches us?” are some of the questions that very quickly reach our mind, so much so well that we can immerse ourselves in the lead role that we will begin to feel anxiety rise to our every step. The monotonous soundtrack of the game, also will help to make the process more frustrating and incredibly disturbing. At times, the game will come at a point even to make us doubt the progress in the search for the solution to our problem, playing right through mental stability situation of the protagonist. Psychedelic images, indistinct noises and endless tunnel accompany our gaming experience, leading us to question what really is the reality in The Guest.

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Technically complete and immersive

Technically speaking, the title of Team Gotham does not want to overdo it and also has a kind of game you have forgotten but certainly not too original. The noir is indeed a subject dear to the past generation, where the lack of too many special effects striking was compensated with an engaging storyline and with a successful interplay of light and shadow, just as it happens in The Guest. In addition, the natural inclination of the title to the Virtual Reality allows us to understand why certain choices made by developers, as the presence of only one game view is there, that in the first person.

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The Guest is an adventure game with very interesting graphics both for the plot and for the proposed puzzles. The story is original and finding out the reasons behind the imprisonment of Dr. Evgeni will be very addictive. The game has indeed landed on Steam, thanks to an excellent campaign on Steam Greenlight, which has also helped to keep the lightness of its cost. The Guest is currently available at a discounted price, which will allow us to grab hold of this very interesting adventure game at the modest sum of $7.49 (instead of $9.99).

Rating 7/10