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Geoff Keighley: The Game Awards Will Stage the Announcement of “Sixth Entry of An Insane Franchise”


Speaking to the podcast of Kotaku Splitscreen last Thursday (30), the journalist and CEO of The Game Awards, Geoff Keighley said that the event will serve as a stage to announce the sixth game of an “insane franchise.”

Although Keighley did not give very concrete information, he added that “some people really want it, some people don’t.”

Recently, rumors have surfaced that pointed to the announcement of an alleged Soul Calibur VI. Although there is still no official information about it, Geoff Keighley’s statement loosely fuels the possibility of the game being officialized.

There are also speculations on other franchises that have five games in their main series, such as Elder Scrolls, or even unlikely options like Halo or GTA or even Elder Scrolls 6. While some Reddit users are assuming an improbable transformation of Death Stranding in Metal Gear Solid 6: Death Stranding which sounds quite bizarre.

The award has more than 25 categories and counts on the participation of the public to elect the winners. To participate, just visit the official website of the event. At this point, we just have to wait for December 7 to find out what all game announcements are going to take place.