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The Future Of Betting? What Are The Markets We’ll Be Betting On Next Year?

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With sport off the cards for a couple of months during 2020 those fans who loved a bet had a bit of a void. The markets we’ll be betting on next year:-

Sure there was Belarusian soccer to back, but it was actually a number of different markets, away from the traditional sports which really started to come to life and thrill fans.

Now we’re all set up to see them thrive across 2021. But what are the markets that many of us will love as much as soccer and racing next year?


Esports have been growing in popularity for a number of years now, with the major events as big as the likes of tennis Grand Slams, filling arenas and paying out millions in prize money.

Viewing figures for such events continue to rise and with that so does the number of betting markets available with the top bookmakers. According to, there’s been a huge influx in brands offering Esports markets as well as more and more punters looking for tips and predictions on the biggest events.

Among the biggest events to bet on include the likes of the League of Legends World Championship, the Fortnite World Cup and The International, which sees the very best go head to head in DOTA 2 betting.

The reason for its success is a number of reasons. The natural growth of Esports has certainly played its part with some of the biggest gamers now enjoying celebrity status.

The sport also lends itself really well to betting on next year. The markets are similar to that of traditional sports, with Match Result and Correct Score markets popular, while the ability to stream competitions online also makes it more immersive and a type of betting that will grow considerably across 2021 and into the next few years.

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Virtual Sports

Alongside Esports, virtual games have also become popular with bettors, with sports replicated through video graphics similar to what you’d find in video games.

They look incredibly similar to the likes of FIFA and the F1 franchises, but aren’t controlled by players but rather random number generators.

This makes them fair and ultimately makes them able to bet on. 2020 was a big year for virtuals and they are only going to get bigger.

It’s similar to watching Esports but without the players and you’ll find the likes of football, horse racing, motor racing, tennis, golf and more.

Unlike real sports they take less time to complete, with football games similar to the length of video games, while horse races can be completed in Dundee a minute in some cases. In an age where video gaming couldn’t be bigger, it’s helping players make that transition into the world of virtuals and another string to various bookmakers’ bows.

Novelty Betting

2020 has also seen many people move away from sports betting and into other areas such as politics and television.

The year has seen a US election as well as plenty of markets to bet on across UK politics too. There are many markets for entertainment too, particularly around Christmas.

You can bet on the likes of Christmas number one, as well as the biggest selling video games at Christmas, while you can also bet on the PlayStation 5 v Xbox Series X.

The likes of Call of Duty and FIFA are often among the top sellers around the Christmas period as well as Assassin’s Creed and Minecraft, with a number of these titles expected to be high sellers for Christmas 2020 too.

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Other novelty bets that are becoming increasingly popular include TV games such as Strictly Come Dancing, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and Love Island, while the likes of The Oscars and other award ceremonies can also be backed.

We’ll likely see more of these markets start to arrive on betting sites and many more associated with gaming both in an Esports capacity and beyond.

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