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The Evolution of Online Gambling Platforms: From Poker to Sports Betting

Understanding poker winning hands and rankings

Online gambling has erupted into one of this generation’s brightest and most electrifying new markets. Although the origin of gambling and gambling tournaments stretches back over a century, the market has exploded exponentially over the last fifteen to twenty years. The whole market is experiencing a huge change, whether it’s colossal billionaire backers for eSports tournaments, fuelling huge gambling markets, or online poker tournaments with prize pools in the millions of dollars. It is a golden period for gambling, but to understand where the fuse was lit, surprisingly, stems from the advances of the online poker industry at the beginning of this century.



How The Internet Fuelled The Growth Of Poker

Before the internet existed, you’d have to go to a bookstore to find some information and tips on a host of casino games, whether you’d be looking for essential tips or more advanced strategies from professional players. Nowadays, you can find all sorts of information and advice for free. While it’s a good idea to stay vigilant and ensure the information you’re getting is of decent quality, the pool of free information available is one of the driving factors behind the explosive growth and evolution of online gambling.


Understanding poker winning hands and rankings will ensure you have a great foundation to build from. However, there’s much more to know if you’ll become a proficient poker player. Knowledge, patience, and luck are the three characteristics that all elite poker players have, luck plays a minor part in poker, but without it, the strategy and element are much more challenging to implement. 


Following the rise of the internet, online poker was the first casino game to start making waves. Although poker usually requires face-to-face matches so that players can take full advantage of their opponent’s weaknesses and attempt to psych them out, online poker found a big audience quickly, and it took a lot of people in the industry by storm. Online poker is now the most profitable arm of the poker sector, generating billions in revenue globally, and set to continue its dominance.


For many people who enjoy poker, it gives them a great avenue to enjoy the game for what it is and understand the importance of poker hands. With less emphasis on the strategic psyching out that has defined the land-based game for decades, it has brought in a new wave of players.


The Growth Of Online Sportsbooks

Poker and online sportsbooks followed a similar path and resurgence. Online sportsbooks first rose to prominence in the United Kingdom, where the gambling laws are much more lucid and favorable for those companies looking to set up a casino or sportsbook. By predicting this gigantic social switch to smartphones, several companies, now household names in the UK, could move into this new marketplace early, establish their digital brand, and start taking large portions of the markets, which quickly spiraled into the top way to gamble.


Other Factors

Online gambling companies were able to make the most of the enormous switch online. However, the vast shift to mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets was only possible with the incredible tech boom that took place in the early 21st century. Many economists believe that we are still in the middle of the boom, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) set to add yet another chapter to this tech boom.


Following Apple’s revolutionary creation of the iPhone, which has helped turn them into the most successful company that has ever existed, the abundance of smartphones and tablets has helped provide digital pathways for gamblers to easily access their favorite online casinos, poker games, and sportsbooks online. The evolution of the mobile phone provided online gambling platforms another avenue to connect with their gamers. Although PC/laptop games caused much initial hysteria, the mobile phone revolution and the gaming evolution underpinning it caused so much money to flow into the sector from investors, gamers, and game developers.



From relatively humble beginnings in physical shops to the digital switch at the end of the 1990s to the global, interconnected sophistication of mobile gaming that we see today. The online gambling world has created a dynasty over the last few decades by using the astonishing developments brought in by mobile phones, the internet, and the widespread accessibility of these devices, which continued to become much cheaper to own as the century progressed. 


Where this industry will have evolved in 20 years is an exciting question. The rise of AI could catalyze an incredible new world of virtual reality gaming and even more mind-blowing changes. Ultimately, online gambling is in the midst of an astonishing transformation. With more innovative technology set to permeate the industry in the next few years, there will likely be yet another exciting chapter in store.

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