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The Evil Within new Patch to disable Letterboxing download now available

The Evil Within gets an essential patch that will disable letterboxes from the game and you can play the game on full screen now. This was a major issue in the game and it was also the most annoying for few gamers. This was quite an aspect ratio issue that is going to be removed via a new patch.

The patch is already available for download and it will let users to play the game on full screen, completely stretched. It is being quite long time that players are requesting for the removal of letterbox and finally they are able to get a solution. Just before this, the game aspect ratio was locked at 2:35:1. And there was no option to modify the same. Due to this locked aspect ratio the top and the bottom part of the game was cropped.

The Evil Within Full Screen Screenshot

You can see black bars in the game that affects the gameplay experience. So with the upcoming patch players can now play on full screen mode without having those disturbing black bars on the top and bottom side. But the patch will not completely disable it but will rather give you an option to turn it off. Those who want can still play the game with black bars. Other than this the patch is not going to offer any major changes. It looks like due to lot of complaint made the game developer finally released this patch that can turn off the option and let players to play the game on full screen mode. You can check The Evil Within June 2015 Update in this link and below:

The new update is live on all platforms including Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

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